Wednesday, December 4, 2013

29 Weeks


Best moment this week: THANKSGIVING of course! Got to kiss my Grandmother and my Mom on the same day :)
Maternity Clothes: My scrubs for work are getting really snug now, only a few I can wear without looking like a stuffed turkey. Time to make some adjustments
Gimme Gimme: A must have with my Thanksgiving meal.....cranberry sauce
Total weight gain: 10lbs
Sleep: My body pillow may be calling my name, I can see it in my near future 
What I miss: Not feeling any guilt for not drinking enough water 
My belly: "IT's gettin', IT's gettin', IT's gettin' kinda heavy"...sorry I couldn't resist!
Belly button: It's so shiny, I'm guessing because it's squeaky clean
This weeks mood: Shocked because, I FEEL pregnant. Up until now, I could forget I was pregnant until the baby moved. Now with this back pain, I am reminded very often.
Looking forward to: Pittsburgh, to hang out with my friend Rebba!! OMG I love and miss her! She's an amazing cook and I can't wait to see what kind of breakfast she makes me :))
Weekly wisdom: Working 3 days in a row is not the business ;(
Gender: That's what SHE said! HA!!!!!
Symptoms: I feel umm...heavy. My belly feels heavy, my back hurts. WTF? How did this happen all of a sudden? 3rd son of a snitch!
Movement: Feeling her little hands and/or feet
Nursery Update: I'm glad we started when we did because with the holidays here, it's going to hit the back burner but were pretty much done so it's all good. 

Baby girl is the size of a butternut squash. So much brain development, some experts believe the baby can now dream.

With my butternut squash at work!

She's on the move.


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