Wednesday, November 13, 2013

26 Weeks

Feeling pretty round this week!

Best moment this week: So many highlights, celebrating my God's son birthday, along with my good friend Latoya's birthday and my Mr. Hazley's birthday!!! Tailgating for UCF's homecoming was a lot of fun, saw some old college friends :) And Latoya got me a prenatal massage on Monday!!!!!!
Maternity Clothes: Just bought some really cute sweaters that will cover my belly! My pants are getting a little more snug but I am still not ready to buy maternity pants, its a mental block. 
Gimme Gimme: Breakfast food
Total weight gain: 7 lbs so far.  I'll be back at the doctors office in a couple weeks. 
Sleep: Tossing and turning in the wee hours of the morning, not sure what that's about.
What I miss: The wine and beer isle in the grocery store
My belly: I didn't feel like I was getting any bigger the last couple of weeks, but this week I feel like I stepped it up a notch.  
Belly button: Squishy
This weeks mood: I'm in no rush to speed up this process, but time seems like it's slowing down once again. 26 Weeks....that's it?!!!
Looking forward to: Hitting the 6 month mark this week.
Weekly wisdom: Not all advice is requested, warranted or appreciated. I always wonder, women DO know that every pregnancy is different?!! Right?! I've heard such Debbie Downer advice recently. You can tell which women enjoyed their pregnancy and which ones didn't by their advice. I hate getting one size fits all advice. I mean yes, everyone will have to go to the bathroom more often because of the baby pushing on your bladder but telling me how I'm going to feel, look, the weight I'll gain or what my labor will be like is something NO ONE can predict, not even my you can keep that! Thanks :)
Gender: Raising little MISS sunshine
Symptoms: I know I said frequent trips to the restroom last week, but yeah right, that was an understatement. I hear that it's only going to get worse -__-  and it's on its way! And umm reflux?!
Movement: I swear she had a temper tantrum in the there the other night. The strongest kicks I've felt so far and of course this after I laid down for the night. It seemed to have lasted about 20 min. She's getting much bigger because I can locate her much easier now :)
Nursery Update: Closet is done!

Baby Hazley is starting to open her eyes. Is the size of a head of lettuce.

What a fun week!!!

 At my God son's 6th birthday party!

I love when all my favorite guys are in the same place!!

*Side note: I definitely cried today just thinking and talking about how my relationship with my nephews is going to change. They have been such a HUGE part of my life for the last 10 years and I am kind of sad that our relationship will be different. Going from Auntie to Mom is going to be a real adjustment and I am kind of glad I'm having a girl because I am not ready to replace them as my favorite boys! 
My friend Latoya's birthday dinner!

And of course the UCF homecoming tailgate!!

Just got done crying thanks to Tomecha!! Not sure why we were so emotional seeing each other, maybe it's because we are truly in love! LOL! Missed her!

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