Wednesday, October 30, 2013

24 Weeks

Best moment this week: Epcot food and wine festival, minus the obvious
Maternity Clothes: I need longer shirts
Gimme Gimme: Cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera
Total weight gain: Ok....we've got something to talk about...see below!
Sleep: My shoulders have been sore recently, this side to side thing is getting old
What I miss: Sleeping on my back
My belly: Doesn't seem much bigger to me
Belly button: If I ever said it was out before, yeah it's OUT, all the way, no matter if I just ate or not, not just the rim, not just to top...OUT
This weeks mood: Feeling the need to get my butt up and walk
Looking forward to: Finishing our instinctive birthing class series this weekend, then on to lamaze classes
Weekly wisdom: Very different being told how small my belly is compared to 10 weeks ago when I was constantly being told I was HUGE! Don't compare your bumps ladies!!! 
Gender: Little dancing queen!
Symptoms: Nothing significant
Movement: Seeing lots of movement from the outside, she's getting stronger. I think Tj could feel her kick if I pressed my belly up against him
Nursery Update: Furniture is in, pictures are framed, travel details have begun!

Baby H is the size of an ear corn. Her skin is transparent but will soon change.

OK let's talk LB's

So apparently the scale in my doctors office is not calibrated, meaning I have been so wrong about my weight gain. Which makes me pretty sad considering I am suppose to be documenting my weight gain. I had to ask my doctor because I was starting to get a little concerned that the scale still read 116 after 24 weeks of pregnancy. I was worried I wasn't gaining enough weight. He assured me that I was gaining the appropriate amount of weight and told me that he did not foresee me gaining much more weight over the remaining course of my pregnancy (no complaints here). My current weight is 123, a total weight gain of 7 pounds from pre-pregnancy. So let me break it down:

Pre-pregnancy- 116 lbs
7 weeks- 114 lbs
12 weeks- 116 lbs
16 weeks- 118 lbs
20 weeks- 120 lbs
24 weeks- 123 lbs

Wanna see another sneak peek of the nursery?!!!

IN LOVE with these vintage style knobs I found at Hobby Lobby for her dresser!!

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