Wednesday, October 23, 2013

23 Weeks

 I feel like this pic doesn't have much personality, maybe it's because all I could think about was FOOD!!!! I was so hungry!

Best moment this week: Purchasing the crib, dresser and glider
Maternity Clothes: Still just leggings
Gimme Gimme: Anything as long as it's GOOD!!!!
Total weight gain: Umm...idk, but I'll find out Friday
Sleep: Somehow still able to sneak some time in on my stomach
What I miss: Not thinking about what I'm consuming...just eating and drinking anything (probably why my husband calls me "savage")
My belly: Strangers are not afraid to ask LOVE ON TOP is now public knowledge
Belly button: Seems very small compared to the surface area that is my midsection
This weeks mood: Frustrated with my's growing and at that awkward "do I cut or keep growing" stage
Looking forward to: OB appointment (hopefully get to see her) and birthing class #4 on Friday
Weekly wisdom: Give me food, I'll be your friend for life!!
Gender: Isn't SHE lovely
Symptoms: I only want food that makes me excited to eat it
Movement: Big moves, hanging on one side or the other
Nursery Update: ALL painting is done!!!

Baby NTH is the size of a grapefruit. Can feel if Mama cuts a rug (gonna make her my little dancing queen) and can hear her dog Trina bark.

Can you guess what Baby NTH's nursery theme will be?!!!!

Here's a hint....

I wasn't quite sure if I would have an actual theme! People kept asking and I was like I have to have one?! But I couldn't resist going with the only theme I would have chosen after seeing this mirror at Home Goods! It was a sign!! Can't wait to get all the details together!

LOVE how the color turned out!!!!

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