Wednesday, October 9, 2013

21 Weeks

 This belly button is unruly!

Best moment this week: Shopping for our little lady for the first time!! SO much fun, AND my Daddio is finishing the wainscoting in the nursery (I need emoji icons to express my excitement) *insert here*
Maternity Clothes: My leggings are so comfy
Gimme Gimme: Olive Garden!!!!!
Total weight gain: Not gonna subject myself just yet 
Sleep: Ehhh, my body pillow may be entering our bed soon
What I miss: Just found out I won't be able to go on a girls cruise in December :(
My belly: I love it
Belly button: Does weird things when I laugh
This weeks mood: Still shocked with the whole girl thing
Looking forward to: Painting the nursery 
Weekly wisdom: Talking to my mom makes everything better
Gender: SHE!!!
Symptoms: Linea nigra is getting darker
Movement: Saw a kick from the outside!! I'm so happy with how much moving she's doing

Baby girl is the size of a banana. She now has eyebrows (hopefully they're as great as these).
Baby girl has a name (NTH)! To be revealed at a later date!

 Pa dow!!!!!!!

My makeup this week is from the new Riri Hearts MAC fall collection! Thanks Jo!

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