Wednesday, October 2, 2013

20 Weeks!!!

Half way......

Not embodying Vanna White here...Baby Hazley's nursery is under construction and I couldn't find the other screw.

Best moment this week: Our gender reveal party with our family
Shopping yet: Maternity shopping yes, Baby shopping....noooooo!!! I can't believe it, thought I would have started the day after the gender reveal party!
Gimme Gimme: Cheesburgers!! Bacon cheeseburgers to be specific, getting a little worried about my diet! LOL
Total weight gain: Didn't check this week, probably for the better with all the cheeseburgers 
Sleep: Great, despite all my crazy dreams
What I miss: Tailgated for the UCF vs. South Carolina take a guess! 
My belly: Tight
Belly button: Coming out!!!! AHHHH
This weeks mood: Completely and utterly shocked that my babies chromosome's are XX
Looking forward to: Starting the nursery this week
Weekly wisdom: Having bad posture has come back to bite the lower back
Gender: GIRL
Symptoms: Uhhh....gas (yikes)
Movement: Tj felt Baby Girl Hazley!! 

Baby Girl Hazley is the size of a artichoke. We're half way there and BGH's uterus is completely formed.


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