Sunday, September 29, 2013


I am so happy that Tj and I decided to have this party! My friends will tell you, I was completely against it before getting pregnant. I thought they were over the top and totally unnecessary, "who cares what I'm having" was a direct quote. It was one of the most exciting, shocking, nerve racking days of mine and I'm sure Tj's life. It was worth every moment that we reached the brink of insanity waiting to find out with everyone!!!

My friend and co-worker Erica was the chosen one to keep this secret for a whole 8 days!!!!!! Do you understand how long that is, especially when we work together AND because I told EVERYONE at work that she knew!!! LOL! She was interrogated to no avail......Bwwahahaha (evil laugh)!!!! But she did not crack under the pressure and she really came through. She gave me NOTHING, I had no idea what the baby was!!

My nails for the party!

 I did these really late at night, I was exhausted but I had to!!

I broke down and bought a!!!

Cupcakes made by Kirsi Duran, my coworker!

Cookies made by our friend Somaiya.

Banner made also by our friend Somaiya.

Gender reveal confetti poppers bought on Etsy from The Gender Reveal.

 So nervous here!!

 Our hearts were beating out of our chest!

Baby Hazley is a SHE!!!!

We were soooooo wrong! LOL!

 Let me see!

Everyone wrote down their favorite girl names.

 With all my boys (nephews and God son).

 Our God parents!

The Grandparents.

And THIS lady....Erica, our party planner!!! 

My Prayer for our Baby Girl:
I pray that God first makes you healthy, happy and strong, and because of our faith in him, we have no doubts that he will!! I pray that you are respectful, kind hearted, smart, fun, sassy but know that there is a time and place for your witty humor. That you will always think of others feelings and take them into consideration in the decisions you make. That you are accepting of everyone and never make anyone feel as though they are lesser. Sensitive, but strong and confident. Meek, yet bold and unafraid (only of God). I pray that you will never let anyone tell you that "girls can't do that" or "no one has ever done that". I pray that you have a zest for life that no one can extinguish and {totally crying as I type this} that Jesus lives so deeply in your heart that you will never feel alone or unwanted. I pray that people will interact with you and see God's light as they talk to you and leave having never met someone like you before. I pray that you would learn from others mistakes and not insist on making them yourself to figure it out. I pray that you are able to go through life being able to see people for who they are and let God lead you as he points out the "snakes in the grass". That you have such a positive attitude and faith in God that no matter what you go through you understand that God NEVER makes a mistake and it is just a test of your faith. I pray that striving for perfection is not on your agenda,  but trying to be as Christ like as only you can. Knowing that you will fall short of his glory but you are still good enough and he loves you no matter your sin. To be the type of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says "Oh crap, she's up"! I pray that you are creative and have a love for music and dancing like your mommy, and have the determination, thoughtfulness and smarts of your father. Know that we will not always have the answers but we lean on one who does. We will love you even after this life is over and want nothing more than for you to be the happiest girl in the world. Amen.


Unknown said...

Beautiful God Bless you all

Kimperfektion said...

Congratulations! Im new to your blog, but just took the time to get all caught up! Looking forward to following the rest of your pregnancy!