Wednesday, September 25, 2013

19 Weeks

Happy Fall....

Trying to keep the leaves from falling...

Literally, this is what I was doing during the picture countdown!!!

Best moment this week: Seeing the new and improved Baby H at our 19 week ultrasound
Shopping yet: Ok, it's getting a little out of hand!
Gimme Gimme: Steak N' Shake steak burgers and strawberries
Total weight gain: A little over a 1.5lbs!!!!! Whew whooo!!!! My first weight gain! LOL Now 116lbs (my pre-pregnancy weight)
Sleep: Still good!! I think sleeping on my stomach is reaching it's last days.
What I miss: Lots and lots of sugary drinks!
My belly: Definitely hanging out
Belly button: Spillage from the top is now coming around the bin
This weeks mood: Trying really hard not to be so easily annoyed!
Looking forward to: GENDER REVEAL!!!
Weekly wisdom: Being pregnant is not an excuse to say whatever comes to your mind, I'll have that right after 65 (some may argue before 65)
Gender: We will know in 3 days and counting!!! Give me your last guesses!! Tj and I think it's a boy!
Symptoms: This back pain just made me realize chronic back pain is most likely pure hell
Movement: Oh yes, showing on the outside! I have a picture, but Tj hasn't felt yet :(

Baby H is the size of a mango, is now covered with the cheesy like exterior called the Vernix on his/her skin.

Baby H is now able to make my belly look like this! (On the left)
I know this is just the beginning! And you really can't have a good appreciate of my belly button from this angle. 


Look at my baby!!!


Anonymous said... your blog! I'm thinking a "boy" since I just delivered a girl a week ago...

Anonymous said...

I'm saying Girl because; their already 3 grand-boys n the picture.