Wednesday, September 18, 2013

18 Weeks

Uhhh a little help here, can we talk bra's?!!

Best moment this week: Well, it was being in Boston, but that just got trumped today because I felt the baby on the outside!!!
Shopping yet: Now shopping for the fall :))
Gimme Gimme: Nada
Total weight gain: Haven't checked...a little nervous, I feel like it will go from 0 lbs gained to 10 in the blink of eye
Sleep: Great!
What I miss: Just saw a commercial for Strawberry Ale beer, I kind of got upset. I NEVER thought I would miss beer, I hated it at one point!
My belly: Strangers are asking about the baby!!! No denying it now!
Belly button: Still some spillage over the top
This weeks mood: Elated
Looking forward to: GENDER REVEAL!!!
Weekly wisdom: Just because you can button your pants standing, doesn't mean that it's suppose to happen. Sitting is a whole other story!
Gender: Sometimes I'm so confident either way but I really don't know. But soon enough....
Symptoms: Round ligament pain is back with a vengeance, more back pain
Movement: Ok so this morning, I feel something hard and decided to put my hand there!!! It's a body part!!! AHHHHHH!!! Me and Tj were just talking about this, so excited he will be able to feel something too!!

Baby H can hear Daddy's voice clearly, size of a bell pepper and lungs are practicing breathing with amniotic fluid.

Ok momma's I need your help! My breast have gone to a place they have never been before. I need to get another size up but I'm sure the growing won't stop here. In order not to buy several sizes of bra's, what should I do? I did do some research on this bra called the Arden Bra from It adjusts to your size, allows you to nurse and pump all in one. But it's pretty pricey. I plan ordering one but would like to know if you ladies have any other suggestions?!! Oh and is it too much to ask that the straps are adjustable so I can make it razor back to wear my tanks?! 

Here are some pics from our New England trip.

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Cammy said...

I just bought 3 or 4 bras that I could grow into until it was time to invest in nursing bras...I didn't spend a lot of money on them though because it's an "in between" size. Hope this helps!