Wednesday, September 4, 2013

16 Weeks

4 months down, 6 to go.....

Best moment this week: Picking out paint colors for a baby girl or boy nursery!!! And a great Labor Day weekend
Shopping yet: Got more leggings
Gimme Gimme: McDonald's sweet tea
Total weight gain: Umm yeah so that lb I thought I gained, according to the doctors scale still at 114
Sleep: Not sure how much longer I'm gonna go without my pillow! Sleeping on my side is HARD!
What I miss: BEER....went downtown to watch the first FSU game and I really wanted one :( 
My belly: Doesn't seem much different than last week
Belly button: In
This weeks mood: Excited to find out what this baby is...happy!!!
Looking forward to: Boston next week
Weekly wisdom: Ok I'm seriously not trying to get out of picking up the dog poop but I really can't
Gender: People are very confident in their guesses for a boy or girl! But I'm over here with no clue!
Symptoms: Weird cramps when I sneeze that last about 10 seconds
Movement: Ugh I can't tell, my stomach hasn't been settled enough :( I'm ready for the real deal! 

Baby H is the size of an avocado.
*Sorry, lots of things happening this week that I didn't attempt to draw, well I did attempt and failed...don't be disappointed.

SO we had our 16 week appointment with our OB and I had A LOT of questions for him. As those of you who know me very well, some of you know parts of me better than I know myself! The controlling part of myself that is! I have been doing lots of research regarding Winnie Palmer Hospital which is where my OB office delivers, and lot of research regarding natural birth. Now since before I ever thought about getting pregnant I knew that the natural way would be the way I would have wanted to TRY and go. Not for the "I did it natural" award and sticker that no one gets but one of the major reasons is the big needle in my back!!! I've always hated anything ortho (bones) and the thought of a needle in the spine turns me to putty! And not only that, I've never been a huge medicine taker. I struggled with really painful periods for 5 years because I really did not want to have to take birth control. I will suffer through a headache before I finally decide to take something for it. And with this it really wasn't much different. 

Now I understand that I could change my mind at the drop of a hat when I am faced with the most painful experience of my life, but that's what Tj is for....he better not mess it up!! Pressure?!! LOL. But I would like to try and give myself the best chances to succeed as I possibly can. If I change my mind, whatever! But I'll tell you, there is motivation in people telling me I won't be able to do it. Really if I can or can't its my decision but I will not consider it impossible because people tell me that I can't!

Any of my soap box! I left the appointment in tears, not because my doctor was a jerk. Quiet the opposite, he was so up front and honest and I really appreciated it. He told me that it was my decision and I was the one who needed to be comfortable with my birth experience and that if I didn't feel comfortable with him, his practice or the hospital that I needed to make a choice to go else where. I need to hear things like this straight and to the point. I am not a sugar coater and I like that he is not either. He gave me his opinion and the pros and cons. I think the tears came from the fact that this is a huge decision to make for yourself and the person you will now be responsible for keeping safe. It weighed really heavy on me, but it's time to make a decision. Let go and let God!

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