Monday, June 17, 2013

The Pregnancy REVEAL!!!

So I've been researching on Pinterest for OH....about a year for reveal ideas for when we became with child. But really, this was so fast I wasn't expecting to have to make a decision on the reveal so soon. I mean obviously we were trying to get pregnant but still I thought I'd at least have another couple of months to make a final decision. So we spent the first day we found out about the baby contemplating how and when we would tell our families. We have our 3rd wedding anniversary trip to Jamaica coming very soon so it would have to be done quick or we'd have to wait about 2 weeks, until we got back, and there is no way either of us could hold in this news for that long. Plus I probably would have blurted it out like word vomit if we didn't plan to do it soon.

So telling everyone is scary, especially before you have your first doctor's appointment and know that everything is going well but my faith in the Lord wouldn't let me think negatively! Besides even if something did happen, my family would be there for support and prayer.

After a couple of days wrecking our brains we decided on a reveal for my parents, my brother and brother's family. We also came up with a reveal for my in laws, they live in St. Pete and Houston. Although we make the trip to St. Pete often, unfortunately going before our trip wasn't feasible :( I totally would have preferred to tell them face to face but FaceTime would have to do. We called his sisters and their reactions were priceless!! I LOVE THEM! We tried FaceTiming my mother in law but the time was off every time we tried, it was killing us! We didn't want her to hear from one of her grandchildren. So Sunday was Father's Day and the day we would reveal our pregnancy to my immediate family. I'll add the link for the video below (please excuse the darkness in the beginning). If you know me then you know my nephews are a HUGE part of my life and my favorite people so it was only right we let them reveal it!! Xoxo

So finally the next night we were able to get in touch with Tj's mom on FaceTime. Another GREAT reaction!! So blessed to have them!

Watch the video: