Saturday, July 6, 2013

Maternity Shopping

= not gonna happen. These people have got to be out of their ever loving minds. It was my first time in the store and I took along my friend Joanne. Every article of clothing I picked up was immediately put back down due to the price tag. Is this a joke? I know the clothes have more material because they are larger but umm yeah not $120 for a par of shorts with a band around the waist. A large size at good ol' Forever 21 will have to do! But it was really fun going in and trying some stuff on, including the 7 month fake belly. Plus the free juice, water and fiber bars!! I know it's pretty soon to be shopping at the maternity stores but I had a reason! My husband got me a gift card to Destination Maternity for our anniversary, a week after we found out we were pregnant :) How sweet!! There was a promotional sale so I couldn't resist. Wondering what BM stands for, you guessed it "baby momma"!! LOL!

How excited was I to see my girls in the front! I'm obsessed with Tia and Tamera.

Don't mind the facial expression, it's how I think I'll feel when I'm this big!

Some things I picked up, saw the last product on Pinterest!!