Tuesday, July 16, 2013

9 Weeks

If I wasn't pregnant I'd swear I do just about anything to make my stomach stop hurting!! UGH!!! Why do my insides hate me?!!!! I've had stomach problems since a child and finally decided to spend an insane amount of money to find out what it was a few months back. After an Upper GI, a swallow study and more than a grand, delayed gastric emptying.....seriously?! That's it? Not this gnarly GI bug that grows and gets worse with every bite I take, eating your insides?! Ok fine, I took a 2 week coarse of Reglan, while in Europe might I add, which was a serious commitment! The stomach pain was gone aaaaaannnnnnddddd a month later I'm pregnant, wiping out all the progress I had just made. This was the ONLY thing I didn't want!!! Bring on the nausea, vomiting and excessive salvation (seriously joking) but not the stomach aches!!! -__- This week has been the worst! Hoping it gets better soon, Lord please!!!!!

Best moment this week: Seeing a difference between the 8 and 9 week pics
Shopping yet: No, but trying to wear loose clothing until I make the official announcement
Give me give me: Vanilla milkshakes
Total weight gain: Down 2lbs
Sleep: Taking advantage of all the tummy sleeping I can
What I miss: Subway, of course when I can't have it
My belly: Feeling fat, looking at other people's 9 week pics to see how big I am!
Belly button: Looking weirder and weirder, recognized something was different immediately
This weeks mood: Brutally honest, down right rude 
Looking forward to: Getting to double digits, 10 weeks
Weekly wisdom: Garlic grabs are usually where it's at, STAY AWAY!

Baby H is now the size of a green olive and graduated to a Fetus!!