Tuesday, August 27, 2013

15 Weeks

Looking like this...

Feeling like this....

Best moment this week: I FELT THE BABY!!!!!!!
Shopping yet: Yep :)
Gimme Gimme: Nothing this week
Total weight gain: I gained a pound back! Now 115, so only down -1 from pre pregnancy 
Sleep: This sleeping on my side mess is for the birds, damn it....I got a LONG way to go -__-
What I miss: The smoked turkey sandwich from Panera 
My belly: Getting firmer and according to you bitches I'm HUGE! HA!! I refuse to compare my bump to anyone else's!! *Wonder Woman stance*
Belly button: In
This weeks mood: Decided to stop recking my brain about this labor, I'm gonna chill!
Looking forward to: 16 week appointment in 2 days!!
Weekly wisdom: Brushing my teeth and tongue without retching has become a skill ;-P
Gender: My Dad thinks it's a boy, Mom wants a girl
Symptoms: Eating first thing in the morning has become a MUST!
Movement: Ahh Haa...yes!! 2 nights in a row laying next to Tj on my left side!! Flutters, first thing I asked myself....gas?!! NOPE it was for sure the baby!

Baby H can sense light, hears sounds, is the size of an orange and developing taste buds.

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