Tuesday, August 20, 2013

14 Weeks- 2nd TRIMESTER!!!!

Week 14, wow! Ok lots of weird things happening, where do I start?!

Best moment this week: Getting dolled up and debuting my baby bump!!
Shopping yet: Yessss!!! Leggings will be my friend, excited to eventually wear!
Gimme Gimme: Tijuana Flats!!
Total weight gain: Still at 114, which means no weight gain in the 1st trimester
Sleep: Getting a little uncomfortable sleeping on my belly but I'm gonna hold out as long as possible
What I miss: Ice tea from McDonald's! Basically caffeine but I had one this week :)) 
My belly: As I will explain below, it's making a small debut these days
Belly button: In
This weeks mood: Feeling like a sponge of information, intrigued to know as much as possible about natural labor
Looking forward to: Our 16 week appointment
Weekly wisdom: Don't stress your belly belt is only on the first button!!!
Gender: My nephew Jaleel thinks it's a girl, my nephew Jabari thinks it's a boy! Apparently their betting $5 on it and whoever wins, their dad has to cough up the cash!! LOL!! I LOVE THEM!
Symptoms: Round ligament pain 
Movement: Ehhh....

Ok so I feel like as soon as I read these weekly updates about what is happening with my body, they happen immediately, like clock work. One of the updates I read on one of my apps was that I would start seeing a difference in the way my pants fit because the area between your belly button and pelvis starts to protrude more and begins to get firmer. Well, they weren't lying because this week I had to break out my belly bands!!! A little shocked I had to do it this "early" but there was no denying that my clothes are starting to fit differently. 

This round ligament pain is freaking me out. It started last week but it's very odd that I am feeling these little sharp pains and realizing that my belly is on its way OUT. The pain must be making a difference because I feel like this week (still depending on what I wear) people/strangers are beginning to stare. No one is comfortable enough to ask just yet, but it seems like I am getting more random smiles and maybe even a little bit of shadiness until they notice I have a ring on my finger! How rude?!!! I guess it doesn't help that I look much younger than I am. I wish I could wear a sign that says I am not a child, I am 27, married and this was a planned pregnancy so shove it!! I digress.....

Sleep....ugh why did I read that app!!! It says that after you start your second trimester you should really avoid sleeping on your back and that sleeping on your left side is better for the baby. So after I read this, I took it to heart apparently because that night I slept horribly. Feeling guilty if I was anywhere else  other than my left side. Tossing and turning. When I landed on my back I was like oh no, this isn't good for the baby, move Leah move!!

Ok so you remember my "is this normal?" post? Well this morning/evening scenario is starting to change. The difference isn't so severe anymore. I wake up with a belly!! Not as big as the belly that I go to sleep with but at any rate a belly is there when I wake up. Probably the belly that my coworker Daniele affectionately refers to as a "constipation belly"LOL!

The HUNGER has now taken over!! I swear I eat dinner at night and an hour later I feel like a bottomless pit! Like I never took a bite! Of course this is primetime for jokes from Tj. He calls me "savage" and all the "savage life" jokes have come out of the wood works. I try to fight the hunger by eating fruit after dinner or a frozen fruit bar. But I have gone to bed hungry a couple of nights but I JUST ate!! I refuse to pig out....for now!

Baby H is now the size of a lemon, starting to grow hair and can frown and grimace.

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