Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13 Weeks

Best moment this week: Eating sushi, yes sushi (I'll explain) with Kendra and Maddy!!!!!
Shopping yet: Started, excited to do more :)
Give me give me: Cheeseburgers
Total weight gain: .....
Sleep: I swore I felt movement in my sleep while on my stomach, maybe wishful thinking?
What I miss: Coffee....didn't think I would say that!! I know you can have a small amount daily but I have just stayed clear altogether 
My belly: I feel like I haven't seen much change in the last couple weeks, until I compared them side by side! But I'm ready to not just look fat!
Belly button: In, and just weird
This weeks mood: Nervous about labor....already -__- Researching Midwives
Looking forward to: Flutters or some kind of movement!
Weekly wisdom: Round ligament pain started this week....getting off my feet helps!!!

Baby H is the size of a peach and fingertips have formed.

So the sushi! Before you people start....it wasn't raw :( But I thought I could stay away, not happening! My friend Maddy came into town from Cali and her, Kendra and I planned to go to our favorite spot, Shari Sushi! I told them at first that maybe we should go somewhere else this time. But it just wouldn't be right, plus the temptation was too much, I caved!!! So off to Shari we went. After much research, I ordered the shrimp tempura roll (BARF), it wasn't bad but NEVER thought I would ever order this roll. Then I ordered eel, yessssss EEL!!! One of my fav's! So nothing that I read said to beware of eel, plus eel is technically cooked because they bake it before it goes into the roll. I also indulged in the ginger salad and fried gyoza which I could eat all day long!!!!!! God I love this stuff! Not sure if I'll be making any more trips to eat sushi anytime soon but it was good to satisfy that need, I'm a FEEN!

We also did SOMETHING!! Lol! Cleaned out the Baby H's closet.

Now to figure out how we want to organize it!

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