Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13 Weeks

Best moment this week: Eating sushi, yes sushi (I'll explain) with Kendra and Maddy!!!!!
Shopping yet: Started, excited to do more :)
Give me give me: Cheeseburgers
Total weight gain: .....
Sleep: I swore I felt movement in my sleep while on my stomach, maybe wishful thinking?
What I miss: Coffee....didn't think I would say that!! I know you can have a small amount daily but I have just stayed clear altogether 
My belly: I feel like I haven't seen much change in the last couple weeks, until I compared them side by side! But I'm ready to not just look fat!
Belly button: In, and just weird
This weeks mood: Nervous about labor....already -__- Researching Midwives
Looking forward to: Flutters or some kind of movement!
Weekly wisdom: Round ligament pain started this week....getting off my feet helps!!!

Baby H is the size of a peach and fingertips have formed.

So the sushi! Before you people start....it wasn't raw :( But I thought I could stay away, not happening! My friend Maddy came into town from Cali and her, Kendra and I planned to go to our favorite spot, Shari Sushi! I told them at first that maybe we should go somewhere else this time. But it just wouldn't be right, plus the temptation was too much, I caved!!! So off to Shari we went. After much research, I ordered the shrimp tempura roll (BARF), it wasn't bad but NEVER thought I would ever order this roll. Then I ordered eel, yessssss EEL!!! One of my fav's! So nothing that I read said to beware of eel, plus eel is technically cooked because they bake it before it goes into the roll. I also indulged in the ginger salad and fried gyoza which I could eat all day long!!!!!! God I love this stuff! Not sure if I'll be making any more trips to eat sushi anytime soon but it was good to satisfy that need, I'm a FEEN!

We also did SOMETHING!! Lol! Cleaned out the Baby H's closet.

Now to figure out how we want to organize it!

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Unknown said...

This is such an amazing way to share your pregnancy with others! COngratulations on your new gift from GOD! Im sure motherhood will be just as wonderful as it was becoming a wife. Best of luck to you.