Wednesday, August 7, 2013

12 Weeks

Yay!! We finally made it to 12 weeks. What a relief! I was like all Mommy's to be stressing in the wait to get past the 12 week mark. And now the secret is out.....

Best moment this week: Seeing Baby H at our 12 week appointment!!!
Shopping yet: Yes, but not wearing...
Give me give me: .....
Total weight gain: Still down -2lbs (114)
Sleep: Not able to sleep past 9am on my days off, NOT like me!!
What I miss: Sushi.....raw sushi!!! 
My belly: More noticeable in my regular clothes, and a little in my scrubs!
Belly button: In
This weeks mood: Nervous and excited to the 10th degree
Looking forward to: Buying SOMETHING, I feel like we need to do something!! Lol
Weekly wisdom: Ginger ale is my friend

Baby H is the size of a plum (the plum was hard to draw), making faces and will squirm in response if I prod my stomach.

The 12 week appointment was so exciting!! Baby H was hype and we weren't able to hear the heart beat with the doppler. There was so much turning and flipping that we couldn't pin him/her down to hear it! But we got great pictures and the heart rate was 158. He/She even turned toward the ultrasound camera and gave us a front view!! It was kind of freaky but amazing! HA! What's even more crazy is that I can't feel a thing with all that movement!

See the face?!!!!

I was so excited to let the cat out of the bag that the day of our 12 week appointment I posted about Baby H on social media! 


Maddy Wooten said...

I am soooo excited for this journey!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Ward said...

Love it! Keep posting! The journey of becoming a mom is such a great experience!! :) -love Ashley-

Anonymous said...

love the blob congrats to you and tj!!