Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jamaican Me Crazy!!! 3 years of Wedded bliss!

Mr. Hazley and I had already planned this trip to Jamaica very strategically just in case we were pregnant! As I said before I had looked forward to indulging in the all inclusive swim up bars, not this time. But still the trip was amazing!! We did our usual exciting adventures including tubing a river and climbing Dunn's River Falls! "It's not dangerous" they said, "no problem if she's pregnant" they said, as my Grandma would say "SHHHHiT"! Somebody lied, I mean, I was ok but we almost saw a gnarly fall and she would have totally been a goner if she kept falling. Tj kept reminding me to fall backwards towards him if I fell. LOL!

No Problem Mon!! 

We also got to take some pretty cool pictures for our memories of being pregnant at this time and I also wanted to take some pics to reveal on Facebook at a later date! It was the first time that I really had some serious aversion to foods. The Jamaican food, which would have on any other circumstance made me very happy, left me feeling blah!! I wasn't into or excited about ANY of it! I just wanted bland food or Olive Garden, which obviously wasn't possible. I honestly don't know if my sense of smell was heightened but things were definitely starting to get to me. I wasn't nauseous just disinterested. But the trip was a success and now we were that much closer to our first appointment. Thank God for the week away because I was losing it waiting for this appointment. It couldn't come faster!!